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Private The Peking Man Site, Marco Polo Bridge and Stone Flower Cave Tour
The Peking Man Site , Marco Polo Bridge,Stone Flower Cave
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Tour Code: Duration: Available: Tour Code:BJ-OP-06 Duration:8-10 hours Available:Daily

The Peking Man Site at Zhoukoudian is at the foot of Dragon Bone Mountain in Fangshan District, 50 kilometers southwest of Beijing. It is also known as the "Home of Peking Man" and is one of the most famous hominid sites in the world. Peking Man lived there approximately 500,000 to 600,000 years ago. In addition to Peking Man, fossils of the "New Cave Men" dating back 100,000 years and the "Mountain Top Cave Man" dating back 20,000 years have also been discovered there.

Lugou Bridge was built in 1189 and is one of the oldest multi-arch bridges in the world. It is also known as the Marco Polo Bridge because Marco Polo described it in his travel book as "the best and most unique bridge in the world." It was also the site of the Lugou Bridge Incident on July 7, 1937, which marked the beginning of the Second Sino-Japanese War.

Stone Flower Cave is a magnificent cave discovered in 1446. It is a rare large, naturally water-eroded cave in Northern China. The cave is home to various colorful stalagmites, stalactites, stone waterfalls, stone curtains, stone towers, stone pearls, and crystal flowers. Visitors to the cave feel as if they are in an underground wonderland.

View the oldest and most impressive stone bridge in Beijing.
Learn about the mystery of Peking Man in an informative and engaging way.
Explore both the Zhoukoudian Peking Man Museum and the excavation site to learn more about this important archaeological discovery.
Visit one of the four most famous karst caves in China.
Day 1The Peking Man Site, Marco Polo Bridge and Stone Flower Cave

07:30-9:00 Your guide will pick you up from your hotel and drive you to the Peking Man Site (60 kilometers away, about a 1.5-hour drive).

9:00-11:00 Visit the Peking Man Museum. The museum has a collection of over 200,000 specimens, including fossils, stone tools, and animal bones. It also has exhibits on the history of the excavation of the Peking Man site, as well as the ecology and environment of the region during the time of the Peking Man's existence. You can then follow the trails to explore the excavation site (about 2 hours).

11:30-12:30 Having a delicious lunch in the local restaurant.  Then, we will drive to the Stone Flower Cave (25 kilometers away, about a 45-minute drive).

13:15-15:30 Follow the guide to explore the Stone Flower Cave. With a constant temperature of 13 degrees Celsius (55.4 degrees Fahrenheit), the cave is a rare seven-layer one, whose lowest layer is an underground river. Only the first four layers from the top are open to the public. The wonder "moon milk stone" is a national treasure, the only one found in China (about 2 hours).

16:30-17:00 After the visit, drive to the Marco Polo Bridge. Take pictures with those lovely and vivid stone lions (altogether 485 lions) carved on the balusters of the bridge (about 30 minutes).

18:00 Arrive back at your hotel and end a wonderful day.

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